Rainwater Storage Tanks

Low cost Circular Plastic Tanks from 100 litres upto 15000 litres and rectangular GRP Storage Tanks from 45 litres up to 20,000 litres available from ourselves are ideal for Rainwater storage tanks, Larger sizes available on application.

Our tanks can be situated above ground or below ground with suitable surrounding support.

All tanks must be installed on a flat fully supporting base.

Circular Tank Info

  • Low Cost Rainwater Storage
  • Food Grade MDPE
  • Made from Medium Grade Polyethylene
  • UV and Corrosion resistant
  • Available in White from 100 litres up to 15000 litres
  • Available in Black from 1500 litres up to 15000 litres
  • Screwed Cap Access
  • Reinforced top and bottom for additional strength

Circular Plastic Storage tank Sizes

LitresGallonsDiameterHeightScrewed Cap sizeColour
5011460mm570mm125mmOpaque White
10022480mm658mm125mmOpaque White
25055580mm1083mm125mmOpaque White
35077660mm1165mm125mmOpaque White
500110800mm1200mm250mmOpaque White
10002201000mm1450mm250mmOpaque White
15003301350mm1280mm400mmOpaque White/Black
20004401350mm1666mm400mmOpaque White/Black
30006601535mm1913mm400mmOpaque White/Black
500011001950mm2000mm400mmOpaque White/Black
800017602000mm2974mm400mmOpaque White/Black
1000022002000mm3684mm400mmOpaque White/Black
1500033002450mm3840mm400mmOpaque White/Black

Rectangular Tank Info

  • Installed above/below ground
  • Smooth Internal bacteria resistant surface.
  • UV Stable
  • Bolted removable lid
  • Light Weight manufacture
  • Available in varying colour and sizes
  • Standard Colour : Light Grey or British Racing Green
  • from 45 litres up to 100,000 litres

We also Manufacture Bespoke and custom size tanks, for more information please contact us

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