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Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd: The perfect choice for all your GRP water tank needs. From WRAS approved water storage tanks to plastic water tanks, we have the perfect solution for you. Trust our expertise in water tanks and GRP storage tanks.

Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd is a leading manufacturer of GRP Water Tanks and Storage Tanks, offering a wide range of products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our products are WRAS approved and provide reliable water storage solutions for a range of uses. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers. Whether you need a standard or custom-built tank, you can trust Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Based in The Midlands and Yorkshire, and Delivering throughout the UK, We Manufacture and supply some of the UKs largest range of GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic water storage tanks for Potable, Drinking and Cold water Tanks, F&E Tanks, Thermal stores as well as Hot Water, Chemical Storage and Effluent and Waste solutions, Also Available for balance tanks and break tanks. we have a tank for all needs, and sizes to match. and if you cannot find a tank to suit we can produce a bespoke tank to the size the does.

At Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd, we understand the importance of water storage solutions for a variety of purposes. From our GRP storage tanks that are WRAS approved to our plastic water tanks, we provide a variety of products to meet your needs. With over 25 years of experience, we ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and manufactured with the latest technology. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions. Visit our website today to browse our selection and find the perfect tank for your needs.

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Latest Products

Drayton Tank Types

WRAS Approved Water Tanks suitable for drinking water

GRP WRAS Approved Water Storage tanks for Potable Drinking Water, made from approved materials, compliant to current water regulations, Suitable for Wholesome, Mains, Drinking and Cold Water Storage.

Potable water tanks

GRP Potable Water Storage Tanks, Wras Approved for Drinking Water, made from approved materials, compliant to current water regulations, Suitable for Wholesome, Drinking and Mains Cold Water Storage.

Header Tanks

GRP Header Tanks, Ideal for Loft, Attic and roof space positioning, and anywhere where a head of water is required to improve pressure in the system.  Suitable for Mains Cold Water, Drinking Water, F&E Tanks, Potable Water.

Cold Water Storage Tanks

GRP Cold Water Storage Tanks, WRAS Approved for Cold Water Storage and Potable Water, Made from Approved Materials, Compliant to current water regulations. Suitable for Wholesome water, mains cold water, Potable Water, Drinking Water.

Rainwater and storm water tanks

GRP Rainwater and Storm Water Actuation Tanks, available in many sizes and bespoke sizing available.

Break Tanks

GRP Break Tanks made from Approved Materials, compliant to current water regulations for AF (cat 3), AG (cat 4), and AB (cat 5) Airgap options.

Break Tank Design

GRP Break Tanks made to bespoke sizes to suit most applications, We can design break tank to most sizes to get the most capacity for the area available.

Type AB Air Gap Tanks (Cat 5)

GRP Type AB Airgap Break Tanks, Meets Current Backflow and Water regulations. Type AB Air gap provides a screened spillover letterbox opening above the water line, below the inlet that give the required airgap, suitable for Cat 5 fluid storage, this give the highest possible backflow protection for the supply to the tank.

Effluent Tanks

GRP Storage Tanks suitable for most effluent and waste storage solutions, including most waste materials, and suitable for storage of most chemical solutions.

Chemical storage tanks

GRP Chemical Storage Tanks suitable for storage of most chemical solutions, please contact our technical team to check suitability depending on concentration and temperature.

Balance Tanks

GRP Balance Tanks available in many sized and bespoke sizing for use with swimming pools, spa and hot tub balancing. 

Break Tank Systems

GRP Cold Water Break Tanks, available in many standard sizes and options to suit most applications, bespoke sizing also available

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