Byelaw 30 Water Tanks

What is a Byelaw 30 Water Tanks?

byelaw 30 Water tanks and cold water storage tank for domestic and commercial use and are designed to help keep the water stored in the tanks as clean as possible, mainly by keeping the temperature of the water lower with Insulation, and ensuring items like insects or debris cannot enter the tank by having the overflow and vent is screened, and the lid is close fitting with a foam seal.

Also known as AF / AG Airgap Break Tanks

Byelaw 30 (now referred to as Water Fittings 1999)

Any tank that is connected to a mains supply and to be used for storing potable (drinking) water should have a Screened Overflow Kit to meet current water regulations

The tank should also be suitably insulated and also be WRAS Approved for the purpose.

Our Range of Byelaw Water Tanks from 45 litres (10 Gallons) up to 100,000 Litres (22000 Gallons) In a large range of standard sizes with bespoke custom size water storage tanks also available

Our Water Tanks are WRAS Approved and made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards

Byelaw 30 Water Tanks

Insulated Water Tanks for Potable Water with fittings options to help comply to current water regulations, including Overflows that are screened to prevent ingress form insects or rodents,

Looking for compliant and reliable cold water storage tanks? Discover the benefits of Byelaw 30 compliant cold water storage tanks. Ensure safe and hygienic water storage with our quality tanks. Meet regulatory requirements and safeguard your water supply. Explore our range of durable and efficient cold water storage tanks today!

byelaw 30 water tanks

Byelaw 30 Fittings Kit

Byelaw 30 fittings are Screened overflow fittings that should be twice the inlet size, screened to prevent ingress into the tank from insects and rodents, and the kits include the screened Tank overflow, screened warning pipe, and screened tank vent breather.

byelaw 30 fittings

We also manufacture bespoke and custom sized byelaw 30 water tanks, for more information please contact us or complete our tank enquiry form below

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