Cold Water Storage Tanks

Drayton’s cold water storage tanks also known as cold water cistern tanks and sometimes cold water header tank are all made to BSEN13280 and are WRAS Approved,

Drayton Tanks has one of the largest WRAS Approval ranges in the industry covering cold water storage tank sizes up to and beyond 60,000 litres,

One Piece Tanks go up to 100,000 Litres

Two piece Tanks go up to 12000 Litres

Sectional tanks are covered to over 1,000,000 Litres

GRP One Piece Water Tanks

This cold water tanks comes as a one piece tank with a bolted lid, smaller versions of these tanks are often used as a cold water header tank or loft water storage tanks, and can be used for both cold water tanks domestic and commercial uses.

Our Tanks are WRAS Approved and made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards

One Piece Insulated Cold Water Tanks
Bespoke Sized One Piece Insulated Cold Water Tanks

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GRP Two Piece Water Tanks

This Range of Cold Water Tanks comes as a Two piece tank which is split halfway up the tanks height with a bolted lid

These tanks are ideal for access through doorways, these tanks come complete with all the sealer and bolted to be bolted together once in place.

Two Piece Insulated Cold Water Tanks
Bespoke Two Piece Cold Water Tanks

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GRP Sectional Water Tanks

This Range of sectional Cold Water Tanks come in panel format  and are assembled on site with a panelled Bolted lid

These tanks can be assembled by our trained team, and can also be joint lined one assembled to become essentially a one piece tank.

We Can now also off an assembly service with a special joint lining service that allows the sectional tank once built to become a One Piece tank with all the benefits of the one piece tank.

Insulated Sectional Cold Water Tanks