GRP Storage Tank

GRP Storage Tank – One Piece Water Tanks, Waste Water, Hot Water, F&E and Chemical Tanks

One Piece GRP Storage Tank complete with bolted lids for applications situated inside and outside with no access restrictions. These Fibreglass tanks with no internal supports or joints, with a smooth internal surface, can be produced in a variety of Sizes, colours and varying thicknesses with insulation.

One Piece Tanks can be manufactured plain or preinsulated, they have no internal joints, the smooth internal surface is bacteria resistant, where required external steel supports are encapsulated within the outer layer of the tank walls.

Made from 3 different GRP Materials that allows this range of tanks to cover most requirements from cold chillers at below freezing temperatures to Hot water tanks upto 120 Deg C, also chemical storage of most liquids ad varying saturation and temperatures.

One piece tanks can be manufactured using one of three different resins.Standard Tanks (Water upto 30 C, Very mild chemicals) – DTCLASS 1F & E Tanks (Water upto 70 C, Milder chemicals) – DTCLASS 2Chemical Tanks (Water upto 100 C, Mild chemicals) – DTCLASS 3GRP Insulated One piece water tank

Key Benefits

No Internal Supports or Joints.Smooth Internal bacteria resistant surface.Lids can be Apexed to cope with Rain/Snow loads if required.Insulated tanks available with HCFC Free Foam.Economical costs compared to Sectional Tanks.Manufactured to BS EN 13280: 2001

GRP Storage Tank – Two Piece Water Tanks and F&E Storage Tanks

Two Piece Tanks with no internal supports, Designed for projects where access may have some restriction (eg. doorways), these tanks can be seperated in two halves along their height for access through doors and corridors, can be easily erected once in position. An economical alternative to standard Sectional panel tanks.

Two Piece Tanks have been designed to provide a cost effective solution where a tank needs to go through a restricted access but also costs less than a full Sectional tank, These tanks are split along their height allowing them to be taken through doorways and down corridors and similar pathways, These tanks have a smooth internal surface and no internal supports.

Key Benefits

No internal supports.
Smooth internal bacterial resistant surface.
Lids can be Apexed to cope with Rain/Snow loads if required.
Insulated tanks available with HCFC Free Foam.
Cost effective solution to Sectional tanks.
Manufactured to BS EN 13280: 2001

GRP Storage Tank – Sectional Water Tanks

Sectional Water Storage Tanks

If a tank is required within an area that the capacity of the tank is far greater than the access into the area will allow requires a Sectional Tank. Made from GRP tank panels that can easily be moved into position and assembled into the tank by our team of specialists within the area.

Sectional Tanks are available plain and preinsulated, and are constructed from a number of GRP panels that are bolted and sealed together on site, these tanks can be completely internally flanged only needing 50mm area around the tank to assemble, also tanks that are externally flanged with either internal or external flanged base,all sectionals come complete with sectional lid and Inspection hatch.

Ideal For tanks that are to be situated through a restricted access Insulated tanks available with HCFC Free Foam.1000 *1000mm Panels available as standard, Specific panel sizes available on requestTanks upto 3m in Height with no restriction on Length and Width.
Manufactured to BS EN 13280: 2001

Our Tanks are WRAS Approved and made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards

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