GRP Tank Manufacturer

What is a GRP Tank Manufacturers

A Company that produce Water Tanks and Vessels made from composite plastic and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP commonly known as Fibreglass)

Drayton Tank & Accessories Ltd – UK GRP Tank Manufacturer

Drayton Tank is one of the UK’s Leading GRP Tank Manufacturers providing WRAS Approved GRP Water Tanks to all Industry sectors, Producing one of the UK’s largest Standard tank size ranges, we also offer a bespoke custom tank sizing service that allows us to produce our tanks to customer specific sizes,

The GRP Materials used in the Manufacture of our tanks have been rigorously tested and approved for use with Drinking water, (also known as potable/wholesome water),

GRP Tank Manufacture process involves applying a number of Glass Reinforced Sheeting onto a mould and wetting it out with Resin to soak and combine together to form a extremely tough and durable glass reinforced plastic tank wall,

With over 40 years industry experience in water storage and GRP Manufacture, We pride ourselves on operating to the highest professional standards, with a comprehensive in house quality control system that ensures our products and produced and finished to the highest quality and standard. we also help to write some of the safety water byelaws.

Browse our GRP Water Storage Tanks upto 120,000 litres nominal capacity to suit your water storage needs, exceptional Quality and reliable products, dedicated customer service and industry knowledgeable staff.

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