Cold Water Tanks

Cold Water Tanks and Cold Water Storage

A New Drayton Water Tanks from our GRP Water storage range helps keep the water stored inside at its freshest as possible for as long as possible, by keeping light, insects and debris out,

Made to BS EN 13280:2001 and WRAS Approved to provide the highest quality of water tanks.

Being WRAS Approved means it has been tested to ensure none of the tank materials leech into the stored water over time, ensuring the water stays uncontaminated.

As we manufacture the tanks and not just supply them, we have the capacity to make various alterations to the tanks, some of which are detailed below:

  • various thickness of insulation to meet customer Thermal U valur
  • Connection Positions on the tank to customers requirements or standard positions
    • Adding of Dividing/Weir plates, Raised Housings, Manways, Turrets, Drip Trays, reinforcements., Fixing Brackets, Internal & External Colour Changes, Split Lids, Split Tanks, Plywood Bases.
      • And most important of all Bespoke Special Custom Sizing of the Tank to fit in specific areas.

Example of a WRAS Approved GRP Water Tank for the storage of potable water

GRP Cold Water Tanks start at just 45 litres (10 Gallons) and our range of standard sizes go up to 100,000 litres (22000 Gallons) in many size variations, with Custom bespoke sizes also available.

water storage tanks
Example of Large Wras Approved Water Tank

The Flexibility with our Tanks means you can find exactly what you need without all the hassle and headaches of trying to make something that is not exactly what you want fit.  just call us to discuss you needs on 0871 288 4213 and we will be happy to help.

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