Type AB Air gap Tanks – Cat 5 – Water Tanks

Type AB Airgap Break Tanks (Category 5 Backflow Prevention) also know as Cat 5 Tanks

The AB Airgap is the Screened Spill over Weir either on the side of the tank wall or on a Raised Ball valve Housing on top of the tank

Every tank should also have a screened overflow to meet water regulations, and then the AB Airgap is designed to prevent the inlet ever being able to become submerged and have a possibility of contaminating the mains water supply if there was a backflow pressure drop in the mains that would cause it to suck the water from the tank into the mains.

The Airgap is screened with stainless steel mesh, and is sized based on the inlet size, on larger inlets there will be two or more screened spill over weirs.

Our Break Tanks are WRAS Approved and made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards

Type AB Air Gap Break Tank

Type AB Air gap Break Tanks

Water Tanks with Type AB Airgap in tank wall 

or in Raised Float valve housing on lid

Screened Spill over Weir for Type AB Air Gap on existing tanks

Type AB Air Gap
Screened Spill over Weir for Type AB Air Gap

Type AB Airgap for fitting to existing tanks

or Raised float valve Housings

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