Interceptor Tanks

Drayton Interceptor Tanks – Tank designed with baffle Plates and weir Plates to enable separation of fuel / oil and other materials through the tank with the liquid flowing over and under the plates, These tanks can be manufactured in any of our tank sizes, as well as in customer specific custom and bespoke sizes.

interceptor tank
Interceptor Tank

We produce Tanks to customers specific dimensions, thus providing special bespoke versions of tanks,

Tanks can be manufactured with any number or combination of Baffle and Weirs Plates to suit the customers requirements.

Also special variations of standard tanks to enable tanks to fit through restricted access, we can manufacture a tank to sort just about all requirements,

Bespoke and custom water tanks available upto the following dimension restraints:

upto 2500mm Internal Maximum height

upto 3000mm Internal Maximum width,

with any length upto 14000mm Internal Length.

What is an interceptor tank?

A drain interceptor tank is a tank installed within pipework to collect and hold contaminants, allowing the remaining wastewater to be discharged safely into the main sewerage system. Drainage interceptors are referred to by other names, including interceptor traps, interceptor tanks, and filter tanks.

Therefore we can produce…

Bespoke Custom Water Tanks

Please contact us for help sizing and choosing the perfect storage tanks to provide the storage requirement in the space provided.

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