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Balance Water Tanks are primary used for the storage of excess water from swimming pools and spa pools generated from the displacement of swimmers bodies.

A pool with a balance tank maintains a constant depth in the pool regardless of how many people are in the pool.

Once the swimmers exit the pool the extra water that the balance tank has been holding returns to the pool and the balance tank returns to its normal operating level.

Tank sizes available from 45 Litres up to 100,000 Litres, if you cannot find a tank size suitable contact us to size a tank that suits your space available.

Our Tanks are made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards

How to Calculate the size of a Balance Tank?

As a General rule the Balance tank volume can be about 10% of the volume of the pool

Calculate Balance Tank Size.

One Piece Insulated Balance Water Tanks

Two Piece Insulated Balance Water Tanks

Custom Sized Bespoke Insulated Balance Water Tanks

Balance Tanks - GRP Bespoke Size
Custom Sized Balance Tanks

We Can Manufacture Bespoke Special Sized Balance Water Tanks to most Dimensions in One Piece and Two Piece tank options, please contact us for more details

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