Feed & Expansion Tanks (F&E) and Hot Water Storage Tanks

Drayton’s range of hot water tanks covers an immense range of options on sizes, insulation properties, temperatures and also capacities.

There are mainly two type of hot water tanks, Feed & Expansion Tanks Chemical Tanks,

Feed and Expansion (F&E) Tanks

Draytons Feed and Expansion Tanks (F&E Tanks) are designed to take water upto 70 Deg C constant (90 Deg C for Short Periods)

and can also cope with a large number of other liquids at varying temperatures.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A Standard Cold Water Tank should not be used as a combined Cold Water Header and F&E Tank, due to the possibility that if enough hot water is expanded into the tank it will raised the water in the tank above 20-30 Deg C and most Cold Water Tanks are not designed for above this temperature and could melt.

F&E Water Tanks

F&E Insulatd WaterTanks

Up to 70 Deg C Constant (90 Deg C Short Periods)Also suitable for Effluent and Waste Water Tanks

Chemical Hot Water Tanks

Drayton’s Chemical Tanks are designed to take hot water up to 120 Deg C constant

and can also cope with a large number of other liquids at varying temperatures.

Please contact us if there is a specific solution that needs to be stored at high temperatures.

Example: Water from a wood burning stove (log burner) cannot control the water temperature accurately,

therefore a Drayton Tank Chemical tank is a great solution, as it can handle the water temperature upto 120 Deg C

Hot Water Tanks and Thermal Store Tanks

Insulated Chemical and Hot Water Storage Tanks

Also Available as Thermal Store Tanks Here

Suitable for Water up to 120 Deg C, and most Chemicals and Liquids

Our Break Tanks are WRAS Approved and made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards

We also manufacture Bespoke and Custom sized Tanks for more information please contact us

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