Two Piece Storage Tanks for Water and F&E systems

What is a Two Piece Storage Tank?

Two Piece Tanks area great alternative to having to use sectional tanks providing many benefits including:

Faster Turn Around to manufacture and Deliver, Quicker to Install, Cheaper to purchase and install, as assembly of the tank is very easy and customer can manage this themselves,

Two Piece tanks are supplied with a horizontal split along the height of the tank, usually allowing the tank to be carried on its side through standard doorways, with a bottom half, top half and sperate lid, supplied with necessary fasteners and sealer to assemble the tank once in position.

Our Break Tanks are WRAS Approved and made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards

Two Piece Insulated Water Tanks

Two Piece Water Storage Tank
Two Piece Water Tanks

Two Piece Insulated F&E Tanks – Balance Tanks

Two Piece Water Storage Tank
Twp Piece F&E Water tanks and Balance Tanks

Bespoke Custom sized Special Two Piece Water Tanks

Two Piece Water Storage Tank
Custom Sizes Two Piece Water Tanks

We also Manufacture Bespoke and custom size tanks, for more information please contact us

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