Break Water Tanks

What is a Break Tank?

Break tanks are usually installed in systems that require booster pumps in order to supply the system when the mains supply is insufficient.

A water tank system that incorporates an air gap in a tank to prevent water from backing into and contaminating the mains potable water supply.

Break tanks are used to ensure that there is the amount of water necessary to supply the system for the length of time that the pump on the system may require,

Break tanks are also used if the mains supply is unable to deliver enough water during peak demand through to the system.

It is not permitted to install booster sets or other pumps directly onto an incoming mains supply,

This is to ensure that no water can get pushed back into the mains supply and thus contaminating the mains, Break tanks are a necessity in all booster installations.

Our Break Tanks are WRAS Approved and made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards

Break Tanks Only

GRP Break Tanks

Type AB Air Gap Break Tanks – CAT 5

Type AB Air Gap Break Tanks

Type AF Air Gap Break Tanks – CAT 4

Type AF Air Gap Break Tanks

We can also Manufacture Bespoke and Custom Sized Break Tanks, please contact us for more information on this

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