GRP Water Tanks

GRP Water Tanks & Water Storage Tanks

We supply a huge range of GRP Water Tanks and Water Storage Tanks for all kinds of requirements, from Potable water tanks for Drinking water, to Balance tanks for Spa and swimming pools.

These Tanks are also used as Cold Water Tanks in Lofts and Basements as Header Tanks and Booster Pump Tanks sometimes with Cat 5 AB Airgap on them to protect the Mains Supply from any chance of Contamination.

Our Water Tanks range from 45 Litres upto 100,000 Litres in our One Piece Water Tank Range with Drayton tank as your go to GRP Tank Manufacturers UK based supplier.

Water Storage is as old as Civilisation itself, and water is the Lifeforce for most living things, 

Keeping it Fresh and clean is therefore of upmost importance.

Modern day advances in the storage of water means that a New WRAS Approved GRP Water Tank can keep the water stored inside it as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

By keeping light, insects and debris out, and above all reducing the chance of any bacteria growing in the water with a smooth internals surface and insulation to keep the water temperature more controlled.

GRP Water Tanks
WRAS Approved GRP Water Tanks
Large GRP Water Tank
WRAS Approved Large GRP Water Storage Tank

Our Water Tanks are made to the Very Highest Standards and meet the British and European Standard for Potable Water Storage.

We have a huge size range from 45 litres up to and beyond 100,000 litres and have a excellent bespoke tank system which allows most sizes to be manufactured easily. 

The Flexibility with our Tanks means you can find exactly what you need without all the hassle and headaches of trying to make something that is not exactly what you want fit. 

just call us to discuss you needs on 0871 288 4213 and we will be happy to help.

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GRP Water Tank Price We also are GRP tank Manufacturers of Bespoke and custom size tanks, for more information please contact us

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Questions about Water Tanks

What is a GRP Water Tank?

GRP Water tanks, or Glass Reinforced Plastic water tanks, are the leading industry standard water containment tank on the market. Given their lightweight, sturdy yet workable design, GRP tanks provide safe storage for water without the risk of corrosion or contamination from bacteria.

With The WRAS approval the Water Tanks have be tested to ensure they are suitable for drinking water.

What is a Potable Water Tank?

‘Potable Water’ also known as ‘Drinking Water’ is water considered suitable for human consumption, 

Potable comes from the Latin ‘potabilis’ meaning ‘drinkable’.

A potable water tank is a storage vessel that is suitable to keep the water in the same condition without any or very little effect on the water.

provide the water with some protection from the elements and foreign objects outside of the tank, The Tank should have the appropriate certification to ensure it is suitable for the purpose. 

In the UK a Potable Water Tanks should be WRAS Approved, It is illegal to install a tank that is not WRAS Approved for Potable use.

therefore we urge all customers if they are buying a tank from elsewhere to ensure the tank is suitably WRAS Approved, 

A Product being made from WRAS Approved material does not make it WRAS Approved, If you have any Doubts please contact us and we will be happy to help and advise you.

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Our Water Tanks are WRAS Approved and made to BS EN 13280:2001 Standards